Investment Philosophy

Client-driven Innovation

Our clients and investors drive our product innovation by their needs. Institutional investors have a variety of constraints and targets regarding the liquidity, volatility, cost (TER) or „social compatibility“ of their investments. Family offices and high-net-worth private investors have slightly different objectives which are generally more flexible.

State-of-the-art Research and Risk Management

We base our investment and risk management on the latest findings in accademic research and our own empirical studies. Ever evolving markets and market participants generate changing investment opportunities and risks which need to be constantly monitored and taken into account.


Various studies (e.g. Morningstar) have shown the costs of an investment vehicle to be the most significant predictor of long-term performance. It is not good enough to have a compelling investment idea. It needs to be structured and implemented in the most cost-effective way. On the other hand, there is no free lunch, quality has always had its price.

„Whatever it takes“

Liquid alternative investments require a variety of skills in quantitative and qualitative analysis, risk management, product structuring and operations which may even change depending on a particular service or product. As it is unlikely and inefficient to accumulate every skill under one roof, we strive to in- or out-source the best talent for a particular job.